English Bridles bespoke bridles are made-to-measure using premium Sedgwick English leather.  Available in black or dark Havana in any of the styles on our website.

Bridle Measurements

Please email images of your horse wearing the bridle you have used for the measurements. If the bridle doesn’t fit add comments to the measurements. The image of your horse wearing the bridle will help us work out the length of cheekpieces required and where the buckles need to be.

Please follow the measurement guides.



The most common mistakes customers make when sending in measurements are for measurements 3 and 5 on the Bridle Measurement Guide.  Measurement 3 is from the top of the noseband section as shown in the diagram. Do not include the noseband as the width of a noseband varies from bridle to bridle. Measurement 5 is to the hole you fasten on as shown in the diagram and not from one end to the other. 

If you don’t have your own bridle to take measurements from measure from mouth to mouth and around the nose where the top of the noseband would sit. Also, let us know the type of bit you use as this will affect the length of cheekpieces you need. We will then send you a fitting bridle that you can put on the horse and use for measurements. We will ask for postage and a deposit on the bridle, which will be refunded once it has been returned in good order.

You can order a fitting bridle online.  When you return it you will be given a refund.